Welcome to NAME THIS FONT - A Practical Encyclopedia of Letterforms, the fastest and easiest font identifier ever published.
NAME THIS FONT  the fastest and the easiest way to identify fonts and select typefaces.
Think, for a moment, how much time you spend trying to identify a font. How difficult it is to find a name of a typeface when your sample has only a few characters, as in a logo.  Or, how often you want to know the name of a font you see on a TV screen or on a roadside billboard and there is no way to find it.  
What you need is NAME THIS FONT.  This two-volume encyclopedia solves all these problems. And not only does it easily, but usually, in seconds! 
Currently there is nothing comparable on the market.  We search for font names going through pages and pages of type specimen books, because these are the only tools we have. 
The problem with the specimen books is that they are not designed as font identifiers, but as sales catalogs.  You must know a font name before you can see how the font looks.  To find a specific letterform among thousands of others is an awkward and frustrating task.  The books are not arranged to make such search easy.  The characters are tiny.  Typefaces are listed alphabetically, and all are mixed: sans serifs, serifs, scripts; romans, italics, and so on.  The listings include either just a few letters (rarely the ones you are looking for), or their entire sets including the accented ones, numerals and symbols.  Even dingbats, ornaments, and borders are shown among the fonts.
illustration: cover of volume 1 and 2
But at last, NAME THIS FONT brings an order and logic to your search effort and cuts it down to a tiny fraction.  Furthermore, with NAME THIS FONT you do not need a scanner, or a computer, or a magnifying glass. 
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